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Thursday, 4 April 2013

So Where to Start??

Dave Canterbury (random video above, find him on youtube) has his '5Cs of survival'.  His list of what you need to consider when in a survival situation.

1)  Cutting
2)  Combustion
3)  Containers
4)  Covers
5)  Cordage

I have watched him on youtube and Dual Survivor and quite like his approach to outdoors living, being an exUS- Marine helps.

But when making a basic survival kit, its all there isnt it...

In Dual Survivors, Canterburys partner is Cody Lundin (above), he says that you wont last:

"3 minutes without hope
3 hours without shelter
3 days without water
3 weeks without food"

What a great way to show the importance of things and how to address them.  Stay positive, find or create shelter, get water collected and start to find food.

Both these guys have great knowledge and skills of bushcraft and survival.

Now changing tac a little, the pyschologist and sociologist - Abraham Maslow (, has his 'Hiearchy of Needs'.

'breathing, food, water, sleep, homeostasis' - are the bottom tier, the tier that must be satisfied and complete before a person can move further up the pyramid.  Have a look if you havent heard of him and see how it applies.


In my other life, what we call - 'the real world', I have to work on these basics to do my job.  You would be surprised how many people struggle to survive and thrive in society.

I have read on many forums, our governments suggest we have 3 days worth of food and water stored in our homes, in case of emergency.  It might also be wise to have alternative methods of cooking this and knowledge (logic, experience - whatever) on how to survive and carry on.

Having 'bug out bags' and months of stored goods may work in other countries where I can expect to head out to the wilderness of may be cut off for months on end, but do I need this in the UK?

But being able to live and have fun in the wild is somethng I want to learn.

On is a great area to chat.  This chaps videos shows the basics and is somethiing I'm really interested in being able to achieve;

Surely if I was advocating 'prepping' and being prepared, I'd have all these too wouldnt I?  Maybe thats a point for discussion...

Right, so lets start......

From the very beginning....its a very good place to start.


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