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Monday, 22 April 2013

My EDC (Every Day Carry)

Do you remember back in the 1980s, when the A-Team, would get locked in a hen-coop and came out driving a caterpillar tracked, fire throwing, grenade launching beast, howd they do that then??....

What do you have on you right now? Empty your pockets and the bag you use most of all.

What do you take with you to work or when out shopping?

And most importantly, what could you do with these items? Are they helpful? Could they save you or someone else, and if TSHTF, would these items be of use.

If you are office based (as I am most the time) where do you keep your EDC and what would you like to use but cant?

I often watch and learn from youtube videos that have been uploaded by people a lot more involved in prepping and bushcraft than I am.  The people in these videos have created kits that they use everyday either in their line of work or when out hiking and spending time in the great outdoors.

There are 3 seperate videos of kits that I really like on youtube, these are worth reviewing:

Some cool kit: I highly recommend these tough, weather resistant and practical pieces of kit.  Im in the process of updating my full kit with some maxpedition pouches etc, but I thought I would show my current EDC goes....

The photo below displays the items I have on me, pretty much all the time when I'm out of the house.

Items shown:
  1. Paracord 550 bracelet - unsure of the length but the strength is great, this can hold my body weight and is feels invisible on my wrist.
  2. Gerber Curve - mini tool - this is a 3.5cm blade and screwdriver kit, it locks into place, is extremely sharp and feels strong.  Uses are obviously governed by its size but its good to have.
  3. Boyz Toyz credit card multi tool - this emergency item has come into play in many beer bottle top scenarios...
  4. UNI-COM 3 LED mini torch.  This is a bright little torch, it feels robust enough to last me, and is mainly used for short walking trips but is a great piece of equipment.
  5. Waterproof medication or cash storage. A metal container with an 'O' ring to make waterproof.  Used for cash storage now but has had some meds in when needed it, could use water purification tabs maybe when out camping.
  6. DMM climbing carabiner - this holds my keys, the torch, gerber curve, waterproof container.  It can be used for climbing when I go as a spare but is generally used to secure my keys to my bag.
  7. Blackberry Bold - the ultimate business tool in my opinion.  Excellent battery life and useful GPS abilities.  My complete diary planner on here.  (a paper back up is also used)

I also often use my BG Gerber Scout knife, this has a very sharp blade.  As it is not legal carry in the UK, it is only used as a tool when needed or for when out in the woods or sailing.

This has a reflective paracord lanyard that may be used as a safety warning or if lost etc is easier to spot.  I quite enjoy making the lanyards actually.

I usually have my rucksack with me, either stashed in the car or on my person, it usually has my swim kit in or my clothes for when away for also has a first aid kit, gerber multitool, little gem Food for Free reference book and a foil blanket. I always have some kind of fluids in there, most often a re-used 500ml water bottle or a powerade maybe, but this can easily be replaced and upgraded to a 2litre water bladder camel pak.  Theres also a gas refillable lighter kept in the bag along with a few cable ties, insulation tape and another small LED torch.

The bag itself is a berghaus 247 daysack, it is 25 ltr (I think).  I have had this for a couple of years now, its a good size and very comfortable.  I chose a red bag for being spotted if had an accident whilst hiking and also for fitting-in with society as its a normal bag isnt it.
The first aid kit isnt large, and is mainly for small cuts and minimal crisis or damage, I'll go into more depth on my FAKs in another post I'm sure.
I enjoy going for walks, across fields, along rivers or canals, over the hills and through woodland, whilst refferring to the Food For Free book, its really good to re-learn what is edible, you would be surprised.
So back to the original question then, what do you carry with you everday that is of use? 

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