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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Greetings prepple, crafters, creators, planners and outdoorsfolk

Amazing....what was a childhood fascination with survival kits, has developed into a way of life to prepare and to re-learn the ways of old.

So why prepare? 

Power cuts or shortages, extreme weather, floods, ill health, financial crisis or other...which one will affect me?  We can not predict, so lets get prepared for any situation as best we can.

Am I a 'prepper'?

No, I'm not a prepper, I'm not going to extremes of having bug out vehicles, mylar bag food stores or weapon stashes.  I'm certainly not paranoid, maybe a little cheesed off at times and a healthy understanding in conspiracy theories is good for us all.  But thats about it.  I want to be prepared in the same way a scout would be expected to be.  Not a militia extremist... :-)

What do I do?

I enjoy the outdoors.  Lets get back out there and enjoy it more.  I am an escapist, I dream and fantasise of woodland and fresh air, of coastal paths and hilltop ridges. I dream of living in a log cabin in my own land, subsistence farming and using my resources resposnsibly.

The reality is I dont do this...yet

Im going to use this as a learning journal.

You might read it and learn, or share your views, but its just here, saying what I've done and liked.



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