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Monday, 8 April 2013

1) Cutting

So what do I NEED to cut?  And what tools shall I get for this?

I dont live in a bamboo rich environment, or have packs of hungry Wolves at my door, I dont want to break the law (which is strict on blades in the UK) and I dont actually hunt my food (yet).

So NEED...???  Hmm tricky.

I have 'light my fire' sporks to use when camping to eat food with, I've currently got the plastic ones, and havent had any issues with them, metal ones may be more beneficial for use with campfires etc, but I'm happy with these.


Im enjoying learning some new bushcraftt skills, I think they're important, along with being really good fun.

To collect wood for either carving, creating utensils or simply to burn as fuel, I use my folding saw.  The Bahco Laplander Folding Saw.


This is a neat piece of kit, I believe the likes of Ray Mears uses one of these (and im sure S1 and British Red do too :-)  Strong, sturdy and sharp, its trully effective at taking branches and cutting them up.

Fot bushcraft and general tools I have 2 blades, both Mora.

The Mora Companion


The Mora Clipper

These blades are rat tail tang I believe, although I may be wrong, immensely sharp with a great edge.  Mora blades are widely respected and trully deserve this praise in my opinion.  Brilliant blades.

I have recently purchased this blade:

Its new, hasnt been tested yet.  I have this for hunting (for when I start learning this) and as a general tool when camping.  Its full tang and nice and thick.  I'll also use this, if it stands up to it, for light duty battoning wood for fuel etc.

I have no need identified yet for a huge machete, and really dont want any of the Rambo knives out there, my knives are tools, and cherished ones.  It may seem like I have a lot of knives, but have you watched some youtube videos? crikey.  Anyway, 2 is 1, and 1 is none...right.

To sharpen I have 2 very basic tools...

A gerber ceramic sharpener, and a small stone for use in a kit.  Not too sure on either as havent needed to rely on them yet, but i'm thinking of upgrading to a quality stone.  Im new to all of this, so will be learning, developing and improving techniques where possible.  If you have any views, then share them please.  Thanks to the LSG forum for advice on sharpening techniques.

As a multi tool, I have the quite awesome Gerber Suspension Multi-tool.  It has many uses (you may have guessed) and  its well balanced, feels sharp and strong.  It has a locking feature which is very handy when in use.   This doesnt feel heavy at all and closes down neatly.  I would quite happily have half a dozen of these in various kits (EDC, car, home etc)


Have a look at the Amazon reviews for all items.  I'm sure they'll give you a broader amount of information than I can.  In future posts, I'm hoping to test and try all pieces without bias.

What's Missing??

I have been looking at small bushcraft hand axes.

There are a couple of makes from Sweden that appeal.  But I really am not outdoors enough yet to justify having one, and to be honest, haven't checked the law either yet.   But the Huntasfors looks good.

A quality system to resharpen blades as mentioned above.

Maybe a good pocket knife...I'll have a look around, but have this for now:

Which is a nice feeling knife, sharp as hell and lovely to use.  I'm not fussed about it being a BG promoted knife, it was half price, and its really good for the little things im doing with it currently.

Here  is a Dave Canterbury video that may be of use:

What items do you have?  What items do you rate above and what items would you change? And for what and why?

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