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Saturday, 20 April 2013

2) Combustion

FIRE.  Why do I need fire??

Warmth - to keep the spirits up and to keep away hypothermia .

Water - for 'cleaning' gathered river water to drink.

Cooking - to heat meals.

Social - to sit by and tell stories, tales and yarns.

....and to keep the hordes of nasties away too of course. 
What do I have to start and maintain fire??

In a waterproof pouch, kept in a small maxpedition pouch, I have the following:
  • 'Light My Fire' Ferrocerium Rod and Metal Striker.
  • Waterproof matches which I was reluctant to buy but were on offer, these have not been tested.
  • Cotton Wool balls soaked in vaseline
  • Pine Resin Chunks
  • Hazel bark strips taken from stripping sticks.
  • A small magnifying glass for using the suns heat - not tested yet due to the weather but will be used this year.

...oh and a refillable lighter.

A good video from Ashley of NBC forum, showing how to build a fire and respect the area it is used in:

As a kit tester, today I cooked some sausages in my garden on a cheap Tesco BBQ.

Using my firestrike to ignite cotton balls presoaked in vaseline, with some chunks of pine resin and twigs.  I took a few pictures here?



... and sausages, the perfect combination with a garden fire and BBQ.
I have never attempted to use a bow and drill to make an ember and start fire, this is on my to do list this year, do you have any tips/.
Here is Dave Canterbury, continuing his 5Cs of survival with Combustion:
Im hoping to gain more skills in fire lighting, which I think just means I need more attempts and practise.
I now have this for my cooking whist out and about, its small and powerful.
 The gas canister fits nicely in to the cook kit for storage when taken apart.  This has been road tested now and I like what I have a lot.  Both products from Go Outdoors.  This kit is evolving and developing nicely.
What kit do you use?  What advice do you have for a novice fire builder?

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